Limited Edition “Vesikalık” Print Series

Passport-sized photos are a big part of my memory from Turkey. Each studio photographer had their own vinyl case with a personal slogan advertised on it. The slogan always had to do with how they’re the best photographer so you’d want to go to them.

It was common to collect loved ones' passport photos to carry around in your wallet. They were accessible to everyone. I wanted my prints to be accessible not only to those that could afford it but also to those who want a photo but may not afford it.

This limited edition Vesikalik series has ten images for sale for £10, each comes with a vinyl case from the best photographer in the world. 😜
5 x 7cm C-Type

Signed & Numbered

Edition of 20 per image  + 2 artist proof

Delivery time 2-3 weeks

︎ £10 + £3 worldwide delivery 🧿️