Over the years of shooting my ongoing photo series with my dad, everyone would be asked what was wrong with my mom; how come I never photographed her? Photographing my dad was natural because I found a way to show off his personality. I couldn’t see a clear direction shooting my mom because she was always “in-between”. Her affinity to blend in and never be in the way, or be in the spotlight like my dad, became part of her existence. She wasn’t someone who prioritized herself. Going back home it was always about her accommodating me.

While Dad called it a hobby, Mom had always been the number one supporter of my photography, encouraging me to chase after what I wanted because she couldn’t. She had wanted to go to university but her father didn’t allow her. Instead, she got married and became occupied with her children. She is a reflection of her generation at a time when women didn’t have much opportunity or independence.

This series is a spontaneous project with my mom from our recent trip to Japan, as a reflection of her “space” in the world. She chose Japan as it was her lifelong dream to visit one day, and on the very first day there she said, “If I am ever reborn I want to be born in this country”

“Arada” Japan Febuary 2023